Momentum coffee

Momentum Coffee & Coworking Opening May 4th

Mobile Orders and Carryout Only Momentum Coffee and Coworking will be opening on May 4th to do Mobile orders for carryout. COVID-19 caused the delay in the opening of the full Coworking space. “I am hoping that we will be able to open the full space soon, but until then we will be doing Mobile … Continue reading Momentum Coffee & Coworking Opening May 4th

Co(mmunity) Working Space vs.Traditional Office

Keys to enhancing productivity and creativity When it comes to choosing your office space, you will find that there are a lot of options, each with benefits and downsides. When it comes to co-working spaces I recommend first you look into a co(mmunity) working space. Co(mmunity) working spaces offer benefits to your small business that … Continue reading Co(mmunity) Working Space vs.Traditional Office

Co working space benefits

A startup Coworking space offers a great opportunity for young companies and aspiring, diverse teams. A well-design space can help your startup go from being just an idea to coalescing into a highly profitable team. Someday, your company may grow into the next Apple or Google. Perhaps you’ll have your own company campus complete with all the … Continue reading Co working space benefits